Pump Systems

There is no "rule of thumb" for pump systems.  We put a lot of thought into designing and constructing our pump systems to meet the needs of each specific application.  Proper sizing is a critical factor in the performance, efficiency, and lifespan of your pumping components.  Bushong Drilling gives you the best possible bang for your buck by designing your pump system based on demand, well yield, and total dynamic head.  We utilize the best all stainless steel submersible pumps (Grundfos SP) and fiberglass pressure tanks (FlexCon) on the market today.


Conventional Systems

These are the tried and true submersible pump and pressure tank combos that have served us well for decades.  A conventional pump goes from "off" to full power when the pressure switch calls for it (at 40 psi) to refill the large pressure tank and then shuts off again when the pressure in the tank reaches 60 psi.  The household plumbing then receives its variable pressure (40 to 60 psi) from the pressure tank.

Pressure Tank


This is the future of well pump systems.  The Grundfos SQE variable frequency drive system can deliver 70 psi to every tap all the time.  No more waiting to do a load of laundry until the kids have all had their showers.  These pumps deliver direct pressure to the household plumbing and come equipped with dry-run protection, overload protection, over/under voltage protection, and soft start, which prevents water hammer.  A conventional pump has none of these built-in protections.

In a constant pressure system, a pressure sensor tells the control box to speed up and slow down the pump, based on demand, in order to meet the pressure setting.  The household plumbing receives its pressure directly from the pump itself.

Constant Pressure Pump System

Benefits of Constant Pressure Systems

  • Constant pressure
  • Better efficiency than a conventional system
  • Longer life - dry-run, overload, over/under voltage protections
  • Takes up less space - eliminates need for large tank
  • Quiet - soft start prevents water hammer

Diagnostic & Repair

We can also diagnose and repair your existing pumping system.  Whatever problems you may be experiencing, call Bushong Drilling to help you get the water flowing again.