Diagnostic & Repair

It happens when you least expect it...8 o'clock on a Thursday night and no water is coming from your faucets.  

You have to shower for work tomorrow.  How can you flush your toilets?  What do you do?  

You call Bushong Drilling!


The most common symptoms of water well system issues:

  • No water in home

  • Intermittent water in home

  • Low water pressure
  • Pump will not turn off on its own
  • Pump will not turn on
  • Leak in pressure tank or well plumbing
  • Odorous or discolored water
  • Failed bacteria test
Well Pump Repair

The owner of this pump called us to help with his "no water" issue.  This low quality pump from a big box store had completely split in two.  It was pulled from the well and replaced with an all stainless steel, high quality Grundfos pump.  

If you're having any kind of water well system issue at any time of the day or night, call us to help get you back on track.