Sealing Great-Grandpa's Artesian Well

Earlier this week, I abandoned/sealed this artesian well drilled by my great-grandfather, C.A. Bushong, in 1963 when he was in his mid-60s. Not a thing wrong with the well 53 years later, but the house is being demolished so the well must be sealed. After removing the cap, I had to place a PVC riser over the well to stop the water flow long enough to pump bentonite from bottom to top. 

Grandpa (Clair Bushong,Jr.) once told me that his dad told him to always charge the customer for a couple feet less than you actually drill, to account for errors in measurement. His ODNR well log reports a depth of 180' below ground surface. I measured the actual depth of the well to be 182' below ground surface. ;)

great-grandpa's artesian well
Great-Grandpa's Artesian Well Log